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PATRI boasts 35 years of delivering reliable services in corporate public affairs and public policy.

Political scenario in Brazil

Brazil is a key global market

Yet fast-paced changes in Brazil’s outlook call for nimble risk management and a strategic approach to  decision-making.

Civil society

As civil society organizations have ascended in power, increasing their scrutiny of companies, and digital activism has become a stronger force for public engagement, keeping track of relevant stakeholders and potential regulatory issues is now even more complex.

As an end-to-end public affairs firm in Brazil, we offer:

Analysis on policy discussions

Ongoing reports and analysis on policy discussions, allowing business to anticipate risks and opportunities, as well as urgent and important assessments to guide decision-making.

Stakeholder engagement

Strategic plans for stakeholder engagement, with recommendations as to when and whom to engage with, and key statements that consider the client’s corporate culture and compliance rules.

Communication strategy

Support to deliver a well-structured communication strategy anchored in key messages that dialogue with the public’s agenda to ensure your agenda is placed among government priorities.

Briefings and training sessions

Briefings to help you prepare for meetings with public authorities in Brazil, as well as training sessions on how Brazilian institutions work.

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